The late, great Raymond Albert Kroc, former CEO of MacDonald’s, said it well: “You’re only as good as the people you hire.”

But I’d like to add, “… as long as you can keep them.”

It’s estimated that U.S. businesses lose over $1 trillion each year due to voluntary staff departures. That’s a lot of money for something that is largely avoidable; more than half of leaving staff say their manager or employer could have done more to retain them. Businesses simply aren’t having the right conversations – or any conversations, for that matter – about job satisfaction or addressing their employees’ future with the organisation. And if staff don’t believe they have a future with their employer, they’re likely to look elsewhere.

Aside from the financial costs – replacing an individual can cost more than twice their annual salary – losing your staff will drain resource when sourcing and interviewing prospective candidates, take time when onboarding and possibly training new recruits and affect internal morale as colleagues are lost and teams displaced.

That’s why retention is a focus for us, both in terms of ensuring our consultants are empowered and inspired to do a good day’s work and advising our clients on offering an appealing culture that allows candidates to grow. For some time, either as part of a search process, or as a standalone piece of work, Hyperion has been advising cleantech companies, particularly start-ups, on how to retain the key talent they have, and how to create and maintain environments for high performance leadership teams and companies.

With that in mind, the latest addition to our offering, and our growing team, is Dymphna Marron, who joins as Head of Leadership, Retention and Culture Services.

For over a decade, Dymphna has been equipping and supporting individuals, teams and organisations to become the best version of themselves. As a consultant and coach across leadership and change management, she has delivered initiatives that all ultimately lead to greater employee engagement. Dymphna’s experience is wide-ranging, yet underpinned by the uniting goal of improving both individual and corporate performance. Her work has included supporting clients in leading through culture change, building organisational and team purpose to inspire employees, and helping create high performing leadership teams, incorporating the use of psychometric tools that enable teams to work together more effectively.

Working with our clients in the clean energy, energy storage and e-mobility markets, Dymphna will help them enhance their cultures to attract and retain the best talent. Her enquiring style will enable her to pinpoint areas that are enabling or hindering performance and identify what needs to be done to enable further progress and growth. She will work closely with leadership teams to ensure that employee engagement is at the forefront of their offering, establishing guiding values that motivate and unite – even during times of significant organisational change and uncertainty.

Dymphna says, “I am joining Hyperion Executive Search at an extremely exciting time for cleantech. I look forward to working with innovative companies to provide practical frameworks and tools to organisations to boost performance in this crucial sector, and help define the impact that these organisations will have on our future.”

If you are interested in Dymphna’s expertise and how she and the broader Hyperion team can support the development of your high performing organisational culture, don’t hesitate to get in touch.